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  • JP75 series coil sprinkler

        Winch type sprinkler type: traction type Shape size: 4500 x 2100 x 3100mm The pressure of the sprinkler machine: 0.7-1.2MPa Whole machine quality: 3070kg (with water) 1930kg (without water) Winch drive mode: turbine scroll Winch rollback transmission: deceleration gearbox
  • DYP series electric circular sprinkler

        Serial number project unit parameters 1 structure form / Central Branch 2 supporting power name model / motor reducer (one minus wp-15-40) Rated power kW (0.6, 1.1) x span number Rated speed r/min 36.25 3 Truss Form / arch Span length m 54, 58, 60, 64 4 cantilever length m 12, 18, 24, 27 5 m ...
  • DPP general translational rotary coil disc type sprinkler

        DPP/DYP electric rotary rotary sprinkler is an efficient new sprinkler. It is composed of reel guide vehicle, tower truck, spray truss, end cantilever and electrically controlled synchronization system. A few trusses with a sprinkler, supported on a number of tower trucks, are connected to each othe ...
  • DL90 granular fertilizer pipe type precision screw conveyor

        The screw conveyer is a kind of machine that uses the motor to drive the spiral turn, and to carry on the material for the purpose of conveying. It can horizontally, vertically or vertically convey, and has the advantages of simple structure, small cross section area, good sealing performance, conve ...
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